Burlington Indoor Golf &

 Izak Fouche Golf School 

November 2, 2020 - March 30, 2021


Best value for money in town for indoor golf or join us to come and practice during the winter months.  Come play or practice at our facility.

​Our bays are equipped with Flightscope Doppler radar and E6 simulator software, the best of both worlds. 

*  Reserve your 60 minute practice session or come and play on the E6 simulator.

​* We have over 43 golf courses to pick from, play around the globe for a fraction of the price.

Please note:


1)  Membership Plans does not include lessons, these hours are for practice or play time in the E6 Simulators or Flightscope Bays.

2)  Membership Plans expire on May 31, 2021.  Hours do not carry over to the next winter school.

3)  Putting on all E6 Simulators are disabled.  It will automatically assign a number of putts to each player.

Hourly plans can be shared with family members or used to play rounds of golf on the simulator.  

Book your hour sessions online:  


10 Hours Membership Plan = $324.99 SOLD OUT

20 Hours Membership Plan = $499.99 SOLD OUT

30 Hours Membership Plan = $674.99 SOLD OUT

40 Hours Membership Plan = $699.99 SOLD OUT

50 Hours Membership Plan = $749.99 SOLD OUT